Step 3: Design Your Collateral Materials

Why just create a logo for your business when you can create a brand? Although your company's mark is undeniably important, a brand becomes the voice of your company, working together with the logo to speak to your potential buyer. In the long run, a brand works much harder than a logo and is a great long-term investment.

Creatively, I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop because they are recognized and used world-wide as industry-standard design software. Upon completion of each project, clients own exclusive rights to their project's native files, and will receive various formats that may be used for web or print based on their needs. All client files are archived on our cloud-based drive.

3 Steps to Developing A Successful Brand

Starting at $225

  • Meaningful
  • Marketable
  • Memorable

A logo should always be Meaningful, Marketable and Memorable. I always use this strategy, and it creates a winner every time! Logo design is probably my favorite of all the projects I take on, because it offers me the opportunity to use complete creative freedom to bring my client's vision to life. That's exciting!

I only use Adobe Illustrator for creating one-of-a-kind original logos. Upon completion of each project, clients own exclusive rights to their native logo files, and will receive various formats that may be used for web or print based on their needs.

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Graphic Design Services

Starting at $180

  • Facebook Business Page
  • LinkedIn Professional & Business Profiles, Showcase Pages
  • Pinterest Business Account Setup
  • Instagram Account Setup
  • Twitter Account Setup

Social media is a an affordable and fun way to spread the word about your business, keep folks in-the-know and lure in new customers. We provide web development, cross-platform integration services, social media and web management, and more. Ask about our Monthly Packages.

Logo & Brand Identity

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Website Design

Step 1: Develop Your Brand

Step 2: Create Your Logo

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Print Design

Starting at $550

  • What do you want to be known for in the marketplace?
  • Determine how you will set yourself apart from your competitors
  • Define your target audience
  • Develop a tagline or hook

Crafting a sentence that tells people what you would like to be known for in the marketplace is a great start to building a solid brand. It should only be one statement – the shorter, more concise, the better. This sentence will probably evolve into becoming your elevator one liner. It should answer the questions: What it does, how and why.


Online Identity

Step 4: Establish Your Online Identity

Starting at $120

  • Business cards, brochures
  • Social media profile, cover and background images
  • Packaging design
  • Out-of-home, exterior signage
  • Promotional items
  • Customer appreciation items
  • Billboards
  • Large format design for trade shows, indoor advertising, murals

Your collateral marketing is how you will promote your products and services to consumers. Through the creation of a brand, all materials share a unified visual theme and voice, constantly working to strengthen loyalty with existing customers, while building trust with future customers in the marketplace.